A Specialized Telehealth Platform for Hospitals

Emerge Smart Health is a comprehensive, HIPAA and GDPR compliant telehealth platform that enable healthcare providers to:

Securely connect with patients from a remote location, in real time.
Examine patient's physical condition and measure their vitals
Access patient health records through an integrated EHR, and
Prescribe treatment via e-prescription tools.
Emerge Smart Health

Key Features

Appointment scheduler

Emergency call broadcasting

camera controls

GPS functionality


Remote PTZ

Session tracking

Explore the possibilities of elevated well-being through our innovative Smart Health Services. With intuitive interfaces and smart data analysis, seizing control of your health becomes effortlessly accessible. Embrace the healthcare future today – where wellness meets technology in a truly unique experience!

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Emerge Smart Health


Developed specifically for hospitals

Boosts efficiency - more consultations in less time Reduced implementation time.

Inbuilt protocols for safe screening, treatment and monitoring of COVID-19.

Reduces queues at counters

Intuitive dashboards

Reduces cost of overheads

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Emerge Smart Health

Emerge Smart Health brings extensive expertise in hospital and healthcare management, with a professional background that includes significant contributions to the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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